Sunday, March 22, 2009

The power of Hug!

I was caught offbalance, when the tall handsome and talkative pastor gave me a hug, the first day I was at his Church, to be precise within 15 mins of meeting him/entering into the church.

For someone, who comes from a culture, where even a handshake with the opp sex is not that welcome, a hug was way too weird. During the service, when he again told the entire congregation to steal a hug, it was a surprise, to see everyone standing in the aisle to 'steal' a hug, with all. It was strange to be touched and loved by strangers, who I was just seeing the first time!

A Hug has a healing touch. It I believe 1. lays down your own defenses 2.With open arms, invites (ie) says I accept you, as you are,not caring abt yr religion/culture or race. And this I believe is ONLY possible, when you have God in you to give it.Remember the prodigal story? A love ( I love you)embrace. A healing touch, which touches your soul and soothens your heart and reaches beyond your longings and desires. Oh what joy to be held in loving embrace. I enjoy being hugged and giving hugs now.

So God hugged me, through strangers(His family), to let me know that He cares, He loves and is crazy about me and that I am never lost from His sight. Yup, am a hugster now!


Kingsly said...

So God hugged me, through strangers(His family),

I liked that...Great Post..

little Denny said...
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little Denny said...

Hey nice one.... I have seen and experienced that with out love, no one can hug a person and make them feel the Hug.
I agree with you, its a healing touch.
keep going!!!