Saturday, March 7, 2009

Treasure Within!

If someone stabs me, I have 2 choices. stab back or just remain numb. The former results in 2 people getting hurt and wounded. The latter is just me. What do I normaly do? -Lesson from Mike' bro.

When in an argument, if I would step back and contemplate, what and why the other person is upset about, 'a thing, a someone, or a place' , I will realise, that its obviously because of the vaccum. They dont have what I have. My life is not dependent on ' a thing, a someone, or a place' !
Now that I know, what's missing, its time to help them see it in the right perspective. Way to do it is strip things down to the bare minimum and help them see the truth. ( The process gets you to reflect love all over) - Lesson from Mike's boss.

I struggle with life, when I am not listening to Him. I wrestle my way(like the first week in Houston). When I work with Him, its a piece of cake! Not that you will have easy life. But the tough life/storm will be light . Matthew 11:30. -Lesson from Mike himself.

I have it all in me! He lives in me! Romans 8:9,Galatians 2:20;1 John 2:14;1 John 4:12. and I've got to release Him and not suppress him! The treasure within!

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Kingsly said...

Treasure within Jars of Clay!!!

Good One!!