Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gung Ho!

It caught my eye, as I was walking with my manager,across a book shelf in office. Gung Ho is Chinese for 'Working togethar' made as popular slogan during World War II, to mean "boundless energy, enthusiasm, energy and dedication applied to some task". Its a must read book, and for the benefit of those who don't read books, I am condensing the 170 page book here.

It's about a declining company, about to be shut down, and how the worker's 'Gung Ho' made the same company thrive and even make the White house appreciate their efforts. There are 3 steps, that you learn from watching the Squirrels, Beavers and the Geese.

Spirit of the Squirrels -Worthwhile work. 1. You make the world a better place, understanding not work; people not units.2. Have shared goals. Build TRUST.Say the truth.Goals which are understood and agreed upon, not forced.3. Values. Live your values.Values are the real boss.

Way of the Beaver- In control of achieving goals.1.Know your territory, role of each one clearly defined and let them play2.organisation allow and support people .Information should be shared. Value indivuduals as persons.3 give people challenging job.A fair day job. Not more.not less..else u demean them

Gift of the Goose-Cheering each other on.1.Active/Passive congratulations must be TRUE. (Timely, Responsive, Unconditional, Enthusiastic2.Cheer the progress, not just the end. It should be spontaneous, individual,specific and unique rather than programmed, blanket,general or traditional .3.E=mc2 Enthusiasm equals mission times cash and congratulations.

It's a beautiful story. If our spirit dies at the office door, its hi time we follow the squirrels, beavers and the geese to have Gung Ho in our life. "Gung Ho, Friend."


Nebeula said...

some titbits from the book.
"ball not the score board."
"give the rules and let the players play"
"dogs territory"
"big pie, small pie."
"chickn or pig involvement/commitment"
"baskrt ball game. no score,no cheer"
"police/coach behaviour."

Kingsly said...

Gung Ho!!!

Good One!!

Nebeula said...

Well, I haven't done justice to the book. There is so much in Gung Ho, that I have failed to capture. :( Andy, the person who teaches the Gung Ho principle, takes Ms Peggy to the woods, to teach from watching the Squirrels storing away food, the beavers building bridge and the geese honking. If only we work with the same enthusiasm, energy and willingness, office work would never be dreary. It all begins, when you decide to change to become Gung Ho!

Btw, the entire book is online in google! :)