Monday, March 30, 2009

The Green eyed monster!

I have never been envious in my life so far. Not on anyone/anything. I just brush it off. Or so, I thought.

I got bowled over last week. I had such jealousy, that it boiled and made me bitter all over. I was spilling it over on my looks, my words, my thoughts, and so on my actions, and what not! I feel embarassed to accept it, and even to share it, but it has just humbled me and made me realise, I am so easily susceptible to envy/anger/hatred. Its just under my nose!

It all started when I reached home, after 4 months. I had loads of stories to tell, and no one was ready to listen. My favorite name, was used else where. You may find it irritating, but that's the truth. I was mad at my 10mth old nephew, Adam. A Superman, by nature weighing 13.5 kg and so very adorable and cute, that he captures everyone's heart and basks in the limelight.

I still find it hard. It is a biting truth that humbles me to surrender my 'self' every moment on the cross and take a dip in his love or risk Meulah growing into a monster in a jiffy!

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