Saturday, March 21, 2015

B4-Bees, back with the BANG!

Since the completion of B4 Mcity, we have been witness to the hard work of bees. Call it determination, perseverance, hardwork. They have it all.

I sit in B4 4th floor, A wing near the window. I enjoy the rolling hills, the blue sky, the lovely sunset and ofcourse the Chennai summer heat is quite obvious here. But this was unexpected! For once while removing the shades, we experienced what I call the ‘Mummy effect’. Swarms of bees reminding of the movie ‘The Mummy’ swarm past the window, giving all in our team goosebumps that lasted for 3 whole minutes. It was like a thick black cloud of thousands of bees flying from the left to the right.

I bet, the flowers around Mcity, make it their home and the position of the glass in B4, the height of it, makes it a favorite place for the Bees. For throughout this year, every week, we see a bunch of bees up above, in different shapes. Line, round, curled, spread out, dripping. It was something to look forward to, each morning, to look up and see what’s new today.

Ofcourse, they were never made to stay long. The Facilities burn them down and we see a host of dead bees on the pavement as far as B1 too. Its sick to see them lifeless. But I know they’ll come back. The perseverance is in their blood. Their generation. The 'Never give up' attitude. 'To live to the best each day', 'come what may'.

Are they challenging us for something?

-Originally written in Infybubble -10 Jul 2008

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