Saturday, March 21, 2015


One thing I much appreciate in Mcity, is its landscape.
We, living all our lives in the city, are used the roads, narrow lanes, buildings, and more buildings. We cant offord to look up, coz you would have been stepped over, or u could step over a pot hole, or let your bag be stolen. So here we are, always looking straight, eyeing sideways and also to the ground. We hardly look up to catch a plane fly past.

What does Mcity or any Infy office give you? S P A C E ! Lot of it. Everywhere!

Be it the cloudless blue sky, the sunrise/sunset or the star filled sky, or the green lawns, the flowers, the trees, it gives you space. Space to breathe, space to relax, space to look above and SEE.

The evening sky, ( if you catch the 5.40 train) is the best painting you can get to see. The colors pink, red, orange splashed from one end to the others, with the sunlight reflecting on clouds, shows master piece of the Artist. If you work late, Moon steals the lime light. On full moon day, you cant help but remember the Bruce Almighty antics. The star studded sky, is yet another thing I enjoy.

The rolling hills, the trees, the flowers add up to the beauty. Mcity, the best for space!

-Originally written in Infybubble, 21 Feb 2008

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