Saturday, March 21, 2015

Infy Umbrellas!

I couldn't help giggling, when my eye first fell on them. Big, huge, granpa umbrella's! The place where they are, and the volume of it! I eyed all those carrying them strangely. Crazy office, crazy people!

Reality struck, one day and there I was stranded, between buildings, and it poured ( yeah, it does rain at times in Chennai), Helter skelter, we ran and that's when I understood the usefulness of umbrellas in office. But I still dint get of all the sizes, why the granpa size! ( I used to be embarrased at one such thing at home, long back.)

So there I was, (yeah it was again a rainy day), carrying a handy, the maximum foldable, tiny umbrella, that fits into my small handbag! It rained, and I proudly took mine out, whereas the others depended on the granpa ones. The rain poured, and I was all wet. The umbrella, could barely keep my head from getting wet. Oh, how I understood the usefullness of Infy umbrellas!

Now when I see the big colorful ones, I smile, for I just love them, and you would agree what a great demand it has on rainy days and ofcourse on sunny days all round the year in Mcity!

PS: It looks beautiful as you see many people carry it all togethar. Green, blue, red, orange. Lovely!

-Originally written in Infybubble- 20 Feb 2008

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