Saturday, March 21, 2015

less than 60 days

tiz less than 60 days
yet in touch with more than 30 new names,
some brazilians, some indians,
some by calls, some by mails, some by faces,
mix of webex, timezones and lots of calls
Different cities, countries, continents,
stretched and not without escalations..

Lost in rain of Portuguese,
Lost in translation
Back to back calls.
Strange personalities
Different Temperaments

Some (mean) business,
Some shared laughter.
Packed calendars
sleep less nights ( add a kid in terrible twos)
mistakes, delays, plans, deliverables.
Escalations - external & internal( read personal)

Head aches

and no silver lining
not in the NEXT 8 months.
Drowning? yes, I feel so too..
But hey am still afloat, alive, alert, ,awake, enthusiastic!

Interesting, yes. Challenging, yes. Impossible, yes. and Fun?

well, yes - to see bunch of strangers ( just 2 mths back) talking non stop on a call, trying to understand, working togethar across the oceans - connecting the dots and get that day's impossible moving. Folks from 6 countries in 1 call.. what would you call that? Beyond culture, language, experience, gender, region getting to work on one common goal.

My mantra - stuck on my desk along with the scribble of my 2 yr old - 'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ', keeps me anchored, infuses energy, and on my toes again...

To my friends : if you hear me lamenting again- point me to this blog, to get me bounce back :)

-Originally written in Infybubble -19 Mar 2015

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