Saturday, March 21, 2015

The devil in me

It was a Friday evening. With the weekend spirit catching up, me and my friend hurried to take the 6 PM shuttle from Mcity to Paranur Railway station. The bus stopped to a halt, and I stood in the aisle waiting impatiently to get down. That's when I noticed the person in front of me. Clad in jean, and holding a bulging handbag, the ipod was almost popping out. It was a huge one.. Must be the 30 GB ipod. It was in the side bag meant for holding the cellphone.. Just when I thought of getting that person's attention to it, the devil in me, tried to try a hand at it.

As cautiously as I could, I put my hand to it, hoping against hope not to get caught red handed by this awful act. Boy! Was my adrenalin pumping!! And I picked it! Before I could give a sigh of relief, I heard a gasp. A loud one at that. I quickly turned, to see 3 pairs of wide eyes , 3 mouth popped open, following my little devilish act. I couldn't keep from wondering what the 3 guys in seat would have thought. "An Infoscion, that too one carrying a laptop (could be a mgr), in broad day light, in a public bus, with witnessess standing by, doing such a CHEAP act!" Seeing their aghast look, I couldn't help smiling at them.. A wide ear to ear beam.

I was afraid, they would alert the person ahead of me.. This all happened under a fraction of second, that I dint know, what I was upto myself. I got down, clutching the big IPOD in one hand. I was very sure, those 3 guys were watching me. I could imagine, next day's Headlines in the Infy BB. The pickpocketer Infoscion. I hope they dint see my emplid in my Id. I was determined to walk slow. I can't give in now!

It takes 10 mins to walk from the bus to the station. I almost had to wait 5 mins to let the 3 guys walk past me. I overheard one saying aloud, 'hey we could have done that da" ahem... I couldn't help giggling,and reluctantly handed the ipod over to my unsuspecting friend. We did have a good laugh over the whole incident and I wished I could have pulled the gig a lil too long atleast till my friend missed her IPOD! So I had successfully pulled it off! Not just with my friend, but also those 3 Infy guys :)

-Originally written in Infybubble 29-Aug-2008.

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beulah samuel said...

Couldn't believe that you have the nerves to do this... Meula... Really funny...hope your friend learnt to keep her things safe...