Saturday, March 21, 2015

Work from home ( how ( does) that work?

Work from home! Ha! what a priviledge. To wake up late, no hurried bath. No traffic. Oh to work from home.. Lying on the bed with laptop.. watching tv.. munching a lazy breakfast. To complete other tasks- ( bank work, passport, a doctor's appointment, or shopping). To connect back again, to check mails, and respond back. What a life!

Isn't it? It used to be, and may be yes still for singles and guys. But NOT any more!

Work from home is a punishment. A torture, to say the least! With the 2 year old, at home, trust me, it is a nightmare! I wouldn't mind getting up early, running to catch a bus, the heavy traffic, or the work... You see, me + Phone+ laptop is a bad combination for my daughter. She gets crazy. She wants my laptop, throws the phone.

This is what happens- when I work from home. I get up early- quite early, to check mails and respond to it, BEFORE she is up! Make all calls that's necessary. Get into the other bedroom. Hide myself. I never get to go potty or eat like a normal person at home. My babysitter had to give a signal, only then I get out of the room. ( So I get to eat, once my daughter sleeps in the other room). If my babysitter is away and I get to WFH, well, I can connect only after I get my daughter to sleep.. I am exhausted, only half a house work/office work is done.

Connecting after I get home, that's another nightmare. She insists that 'I' stay with her. No one else. Not her dad, and so her rule is, if mom is home, she better be with me. I have been asking working mothers around. How do you manage? What do you do, when you have to connect from home? Once she was sick, and I couldn't take leave as I had lot of things to do, but called that I would work from home ( Bad decision), I ended up sitting in another room, and finishing them, and Amy never knew that I was home.. I could have very well, gone to office!

So that's my experience with Work from home. I dono how they do it. do you?

- Originally written in Infybubble. 2 Mar 2015

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