Friday, August 15, 2014

Amy and choru

Amy has learnt the new word ‘choru’, dosai. So when I ask shall we eat,she starts singing choru choru choru again and again, the tempo increases, and it goes non stop, and then to a whine, that she wouldn’t even wait for the rice to get heated in the microwave. I have to put some in her mouth to keep her mouth shut!!

The energy fades away soon, so I try to feed her most when she is really hungry. She even sits in the kitchen floor and is ready to eat. The cupboards are accessible to her now, that she removes plates, spoons, bowls and lays them all out on the floor. It gets so difficult to control her when she’s running around like a Duracell bunny!!

Same energy shows up with dosai.She had even tried her hand on making a dosai! She loves holding the spoon, and then the spatula and serving it to dad or athai. She eats dosai with honey, and yday (12 Aug) she says thaeeen, thaeee for honey :)

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