Friday, August 15, 2014

Amy and the Loo..

When sowing teacher was home, she taught her to run to the loo everytime she has to ‘go’. She had been strict, that amy would run whenever she had to go. But once I got home from work, she would pee wherever she stands, and wud give a sorry face. Well aunty was strict and made her to say that she had to go. We slowly transtitioned it to the night time. Without the diapers, she would at times, wake me up saying ‘bathoom, bathoom, or aaai, aaai non stop. Sometimes, she would pee in the bed, and start playing around. Either way it was funny and sometimes hard, as putting her back to sleep took time :P

We had been to periyamalai with the fshp friends, and whenever I had the diaper on, she would force u to remove it.. it was such a pain to get her to remove her shoes/socks/pants/diaper just to get her to pee everytime. The weather was cold, and she peed often!

Back home, I had the diapers on for some more weeks, when I was stopping my nursing her. I got her a pink potty seat and she was all excited. So now, she enters the loo and points to the potty seat and want to pee/poop sitting in the potty! She loves playing with the water, so she pees few drops and pours cups of water on the floor and also on her! It became a pain after she made it a habit, and wanted to go to the loo every 10 mins saying ‘aai, aai, aai’ . She got herself all wet, and caught some cold, and was adamant, and cried her heart out if u pulled her out of the bathroom.. this was worse when we got her to bed at 10 or even after 11, 12. She is so funny.

Recently when we were out shopping, she wanted to go, and Praveen took her outside, and I got her to sit on the store parking lot, and she went! The next shop wasn’t so lucky, she just went right there inside the trial room! But I am glad, and I thank God, for she is almost potty trained, if not 100%. She says clearly when she wants to go, and directs us to the bathroom.. oh she’s so funny!

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