Friday, August 15, 2014

Amy and the neighbors.

Amy is such a sweet heart that she is friends with everyone in the apartment. She calls them athai, mama, and loves being pampered everywhere. Vivek’s house is where she goes to watch the tv. She eats what akka gives and comes back all happy and excited. She has a balm that she always holds on to, whenever she goes there. She loves the granny in that house and even lies down on her lap and goes to sleep. The ground floor Divya’s family is also another place where she goes and watches tv. ( We have no TV yet)

The parking lot is where the neighbors gather, and amy provides free entertainment. She runs around, the cars, bikes parked there, and they form the perfect hide and seek spot. Our house being the corner, she has ample space to see the cows, buffalos, goats, cats, dogs that go on the street. Not to forget the crows in the area!

Her recent favorite songs are ‘ ring around the roses’ for which she makes me, divya, and granny to play with her. She says ‘ashi, ashi to get me to sing it! She says ‘appy, appy’ to make me sing ‘if u r happy and u know it’ she is one active, naughty girlie! The second floor , has a family, whose relative 2 kids come over to play. She is friends with them too. Deborah, is in UKG, and amy goes and hugs her tight. They play together these songs too. They also play upstairs on the roof. Amy was also friends with tharani , - vivek’s cousin.

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