Friday, August 15, 2014

Amy and God’s grace

Oh, I’ve seen and experienced love and grace of God throughout. It was even more encouraging to see it in amy at office. I got a local bus, I had Priya- Joyce friend to accompany in the bus! I had Anita Nesamalar to carry my bag. I had mano to take care, when I had to work for sometime.

They went around the floor, made lot of friends, and boy was she excited. I had Joyce to hold her while I had a presentation to make for 2 hrs- cut short to 1 hr. and she slept all the while on Joyce’s shoulders! Amy slept for few hours on my desk, which is a miracle! Anitha Gopalrathnam got her a glass of milk for her cerelac. Mano got one the next day. Carolin got her out for sometime. Amy had lot of visitors.

Anto, Arunthomas, Joyce, Divya, Pamela, Nithu, Priyan, Mano, Anitha G, Amutha, floor mates. We met Jansi, Balaji at breakfast, and Nisha at lunch. We also went to the Thursday fshp, where she made more friends! She was running around and even met a cow there. There was a little girl in the school, who played with her and baby sat her, while I could worship and listen to the message! Isnt that cool? I could feel that the entire day, God had cushioned us with so much of love, care and affection.. She did not have one bruise, or any other mishaps the whole day! Praise God! How good could he ever be!

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