Friday, August 15, 2014

Amy and the Lift

When I got Amy to office, we were in the elevator, and we got to the ground floor. Amy turned back, and walked towards the elevator door. That was when the door closed, and she saw couple of them disappear. She bent over, threw her hand one either side ( as if to say, what just happened).
I couldn’t help laughing, and let her watch the nearby elevator come down. She saw a group of people get off the elevator, and few went in, and the door shut quickly. She ran to the elevator, and I got hold of her, before she could run in. But she was completely baffled. We stayed for a couple more minutes, and then decided to take her up and down the lift.
We must have hung around for nearly 15 mins, and I thought I could leave her with my friend Carolin, and atleast catch up some pending work. Amy though, knew the moment I stepped out and put her lil hands on the elevator door, and it kinda jammed. I still cant imagine how her fingers got in. I just pulled it out and we had a lil crying saga that put an end to the elevator saga.

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