Friday, August 15, 2014

Amy @ my cubicle.

Amy was surprised at the cubicle setting. She was running here and there. I put her in my cubicle, I had a call to attend at 9 AM and had no baby sitters! I opened my draw, took out some old business cards to keep her occupied. She was. She put them out. She put them in. So I turned and took the onsite call. We were done in 15 mins, I turn around to find no floor in my cubicle :P It was all covered with the business cards.

Her toys, her bottle, everything was on the floor, no wonder she did not make a wee sound during my call. She had poured all the water in the chair and it was all wet. 15 mins. That’s all it took :) In the afternoon, she slept on my shoulders, and slowly I tried to put her on my desk, so she can sleep for more time. The hard wood was not so comfy, that she opened her eyes twice and climbed on to me. I had a soft pink blanket for her, but it wasn’t enough.. But God’s amazing grace, she slept for an hour in my desk!

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