Friday, August 15, 2014

Amy and her love for songs!

f she is happy and excited she puts her hands as a c curve and turns left and right.

Her favorite list of songs.
Cedarmont Silly songs – this song any time makes her laugh- giggle and jump up with glee. This is one list of song, she has never got tired for the past 8 mths. She just adores them.
Her first love is ‘Skinnymarinky dinky dink- which when sung over and over again, just made her stop whtever she was doing- crying, or tantrums. I have fed her many a times- thanks to the song! This was trick to get her to stop whining in the Mysore DC.
Her other favorites – rocka mysoul in the bosom of Abraham, shoo fly, happy day express, who did, who did, the bear went over the mountain, behold, one door… and many more.. she watches the tv/laptop without blinking! It was quite alarming, so I have got her to see other songs..
Raffi’s songs – I loved them, so played them enough times, to get her to like it :P
5 little ducks.- my favorite
Shake your sillies out – amy’s favorite
Bumping up and down, brush yr teeth, apples n bananans, mr.sun, wheels on the bus.
I have introduced lot other songs too..
Mother Goose club songs—she likes the itsy bitsy spider, dinausaurs have great big teeth
Barney’s song- she loves most of the songs too
Maranatha – Happy day, Today, special special – my favorites
Psalty – Kids praise 5- I love them.. amy watches them too.. and tries to dance.
Adventures of prayer bear – steve greene.
Donut man
Tony- Music man, hockey pockey ( her new favorites!)
So long farewell, do-re – me fa, favorite things, are not something she likes yet.. neither is disney’s mickey mouse, pluto, or any fairy tales… YET!

I got her a tape recorder- so that she listens to them while I am at work. Selvi akka knows to play them, and I have put the songs in the pen drive. She demands the songs, and if she wants to pass the song she says loudly ‘nana,nana’ forcing u to skip the song to her favorite.. she even knows the music of the songs.. J
And boy, does she sing.. she sings in her thotil… and laughs if u spot her singing.. she taps herself on her chest- asking u to pat her or sing to her. She is so little and yet demands in such a stern way!
She makes me play ‘ ring around the roses’ and if u r happy and u know it by saying ‘ashi, ashi’ and ‘appy, appy’J

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