Friday, August 15, 2014

Amy and turnstile.

Amy had no clue on what the turnstile was for. ( ofcourse!) Since everybuilding has a turnstile, it was inevitable that we had to use it.

Couple of times, I carried her over it, and then realized, she can very well walk under it. Amy was happy walking under it, she was infact intrigued by all of it, that she tried running back and forth of the turnstile.

In the evening, when we were about to leave, and I had to swipe out, Amy, bent over and carefully – slowly walked completely bent over for a few steps! ( I couldn’t help laughing ) She need not bend over and can walk straight, for the turnstile was higher than her height! But that smile on her face, as she finally crossed, and giggled was priceless!

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