Friday, August 15, 2014

Amy and the switch.

I taught Amy two words- Switch on and switch off. So anywhere she sees a switch, she wants to ‘shwithch ooo, shwitcch oooof’. At home, we hid the switch box, which were reachable to her. So anytime she wants to play, I had to carry her in my arms- and that was better coz I will have a control of what she does.

Back in office that day though, she spotted a switch that was reachable to her, and she did the same dance ‘shwitch oo, schwitch oofff’. She turns left and right, when she does that, and looks around to see which light or fan turns on ( at home). But here this switch was just a plug switch, so she was turning around, bending over, bending on the sides and thoroughly enjoying the switch.

I let her have fun, and went to drink some water- which was some 10 mts away. I knew she was safe in the floor, and wouldn’t run away. Where could her lil legs take her? I calmly came back to where I left her, and there she was, still engrossed with the switch. A friend from my floor had identified that it was my daughter, and seeing her alone, tried to give her company. Amy dint mind :)

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