Friday, August 15, 2014

Amy in office.

‘ Bring your Kids to work Week’ – Was another HR initiative in Mcity. A whole week! Age limit was 4 yrs and above they said, so I had no idea of taking Amy. But on Monday, I saw lot of lil kids walking around, and realized, it was not a rule, but a guideline, as kids < 4 yrs would be a pain to handle. I decided to try. With a big drama, in the morning( Amy puking half idli she ate!) , we caught a local bus and got to office. I could see God’s hand in getting us the bus, dad being there to help. Selvi akka to get us ready, inspite of the mess. Amy dint sleep a wink. She was super excited to see out office. I was super excited to bring her to office!

She made lot of friends in my floor, that now many smile at me and ask how Amy is doing. I just respond ‘Naughty!’. She was adorable. She was running around. Everything – the desk, the glass walls, the phones, the chairs, everything was amazing to her. She was one happy kid. My teammates, fellowship friends, floormates came by to see Amy, and I hardly worked that day! I did bring her again on Thursday- as we had Selvi akka on leave..
By God’s grace, we did not have any bad incidents.. Amy enjoyed and was like a Duracell bunny, and did not sleep a wink, while returning too!

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