Friday, August 15, 2014

Amy and the walk with the goats.

Amy loves cows, dogs. Goats are something that sees at around 6 pm, crossing our house everyday, with an old shepherd. J Yesterday I go home, and I find our neighbours, Vivek mom, Mil, Divya and her mom with amy and dad in the parking lot. Dad had taken her in the stroller since 5.15 pm.

When she saw me, she said ‘nanana’ that I was taken aback. Usually she plays forawhile and then go upstairs, but today, I got her outside with me, and then the goats came. She squealed at them sat on the road and started laughing pointing at them. I let her follow the goats, and off she went toddling along, squealing, much to the surprise of the people on the streets. Everyone’s eyes were on her for sure! So we walked till the goats got into their stall.

I asked the old shepherd, if I can enter their fence to have a look, he nodded. Amy was still squealing and making more noise than the goats and the ducks! Yes there were 4 white ducks and 1 black one. We stood there for sometime and then forced amy back. She saw the hens on the way and was super excited on the way back. Got her a ball and she was on cloud nine :)

We came home and the neighbors were waiting. So we played with amy and her new ball. She wanted us to play ‘ ring around the roses’ and ‘if u r happy and u know it. ‘ and then got back.

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